WORKSHOPS: £240 - (All day 10-4) .
Workshops are designed to be informative and inspirational, whilst teaching the skills required to complete the project. All workshops are for machine sewing for 12 students, unless stated otherwise. For up to 20 students, add £20 per student to workshop fee. Free pattern for every student, travel at 40p per mile for any distance and overnight accommodation to be arranged for distances over 150 miles.



Choose from one of the above projects.

No waste, fits every time, sharp points.

Beginners will be amazed at how quickly they get great results with this new way of Foundation Piecing, while anybody who didn't get on with technique in the past will now be totally converted.

Anja uses this technique for many of her famous prize-winning quilts.

Includes colour and quilting advice.

Highly recommended.


Foundation piecing with added curves


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This workshop deals with one of Anja's favourite methods of constructing a quilt design.

By fitting Foundation piecing into curved templates, you can create complicated looking designs that are really not so difficult to sew.

The workshop sample gives you an insight into the possibilities to be used for your own design. Not suitable for total beginners, but very useful for anybody who is ready to go beyond cutting squares and triangles!

Includes advice and tips on how to choose your fabrics, with quilting suggestions and design ideas.

The aim of the workshop is to give inspiration and confidence to create your very own quilts in an organised way.

Also available as a pattern for £8 in P&P Click here to order.


Choice of small projects especially designed to explain all aspects of designing and sewing with curves. With added applique, quilting, thread-play and embellishing.

A very popular and informative workshop for all skill levels.


A workshop for machine applique.

A better way to approach this technique.

Be more relaxed about the whole process and achieve good results every time.

Includes a stitching session, where you can try different threads to complete your applique.

Choice of 10 projects, including the designs shown here.




A workshop for applique, machine embroidery and optional foundation piecing. You will pick up useful tips about each technique during the day. Make one for yourself and then make many more of these as a lovely personalized present, it's so addictive!

Size: to fit an A5 diary or notebook.




Design your own quilts with Curves and Optional Foundation Piecing

Suitable for 2-day workshops or residential courses.

A practice design will be provided as a starting point for all students to learn the technique.
Examples of designs that are possible and suitable for use with this method will be shown and discussed.
The full process will be shown in made up stages, from design on paper to finished quilt.
Students will be guided through the technique, so that they will have the ability and confidence to design and make their own quilts, assisted by their workshop sample and notes. Includes: Colour advice, quilting suggestions, border ideas and binding tips.



Choose your favourite from 9 designs: Ducks, Frog, Terrapin, Kingfisher, Carp, Salmon, Cockerel, Butterfly, Seahorse.

Using easy Strip-piecing and Applique, you'll be thrilled with the results and want to make them all!

Colour planning and quilting suggestions are part of the workshop.








Quilting, embroidery and embellishing

(all skill levels)
Choice of 6 projects. Use new threads and stitches and pick up lots of quilting tips. Gain confidence to introduce new sparkle into you quilts.

Borders and Binding

(all skill levels)
Techniques, ideas and patterns for borders, including a design-your-own-border session.
Plus a better way to bind your quilt, fool-proof every time!



(all skill levels)
Machine sewing.
Make a Quilt in a day.
A fun workshop that reveals the mechanics and mystique of art quilt construction, while exploring quilting and embellishing.

NOTE: Any of the ‘DUTCH QUILTS’ range of patterns can be chosen as a workshop project.  Workshops can be tailored to suit your requirements.