Duration and content of presentations can be adapted to suite your requirements. £180 per presentation with travel at 40p per mile for any distance and overnight accommodation to be arranged for distances over 150 miles.

1. From Tulips to Triangles
Shows the progress of a self-taught quiltmaker, illustrated by 30-40 `live' quilts.

2. The Naked Quilter
Slides and live quilts, showing the making of a quilt from design to show entry.

3. Laid-Back Appliqué
Slides and quilts, exploding the myths and mystery of Machine Appliqué.

4. Design & Development
Slides and quilts, telling the story of DUTCH QUILTS, and how a pattern is
made, from idea to envelope

5. Flower Festival
Live quilts showing the development of foundation piecing from some of Anja's
earliest quilts up to one of her latest prize winning quilts. Optional demonstration available.

*** New Talk ***

6. Private Collection
Live quilts showing more than 30 rarely shown quilts. Anja will tell you about the
inspirations, construction and color choices for making these quitls as well as
giving you plenty of tips to create your own.


Picture of Anja on stage